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Calgary Trends: Texture on walls and floors

The recent home renovation tax credit, coupled with our more sheltered economy has lead to a healthy home improvement industry in Calgary.  These conditions have lead to Calgary becoming a forerunner in Canadian design trends.  Here’s a summary of many of the trends we’re seeing in Calgary right now.

The biggest trend in home decor is texture! Wallpapers are being used to add visual texture and pattern to our homes.  Wallpaper is taking the place of feature walls (i.e. one wall in a room painted a different bolder colour than the rest of the walls) that we’ve been using for impact for the last few years. Patterns such as damasks, silhouetted florals, modern geometrics, and nature inspired palettes are the most popular. The best wall to wallpaper is typical the longest, least interrupted wall in a room (i.e. contains no doors or windows).  The featured wall should be one where you want to add emphasis or draw attention to. For even more impact, why not wallpaper an entire room.  This look works well in dining rooms and two-piece bathrooms. Benjamin Moore Southpointe has a wide selection of wallpaper books to choose from.  Our latest books, Shimmer, Disney and Eco Chic have many trendy patterns to choose from.  Our books are often updated, so check back frequently for the latest patterns.

Eco Chic Wallpaper

Eco Chic Wallpaper

Another trendy way to add texture and interest to a wall is to apply a wall decal, a large scale picture or pattern.  Decals are often made of vinyl or paper and are easily removable, making them easy to change as trends progress. Wall Decals are great in children’s rooms where tastes can change quickly and redecorating is done more frequently. For ideas and inspiration look at, and come into Benjamin Moore Southpointe for more ideas.

Wall Decals in a Child's Bedroom

Wall Decals in a Child's Bedroom

A continuing trend in home decoration is using green products.  Benjamin Moore’s Green Promise can help you choose the right low VOC paint product for your home.  Flooring is another area where green products are considered.  Carpeting is no longer the first choice; instead Calgary is selecting hardwood, bamboo or cork for their living spaces. These products contain less VOC, and trap less dust and allergens in your interior environment. Wider boards are becoming the norm in Calgary since wider engineered wood boards can better handle shifts in humidity. The trend to use texture also applies to flooring where patterned woods such as walnut are most popular. Medium tone stain colours, such as Walnut, Aged Oak, and Dark Chestnut (by SamaN  are being selected for floors since they don’t show as much dust as the deep espresso stains did in the past. Benjamin Moore Southpointe also carries low VOC and water based stain as well as environmental friendly floor finishes by SamaN.

SamaN stained Hardwood Floors

SamaN stained Hardwood Floors

-by Stacey Severs

For more information on Calgary’s Trends check out Avenue Magazine (Home Style, page 106, February 2010).

Olympic Design

As we reflect on the accomplishments of our Canadian Athlete and Para-Athletes over the last month, we should also look at the accomplishments of our Canadian Designers who created the 2010 image.  Canadian design begins with Omer Arbel’s architectural design of the Medals, their unique curvature representing the peaks and valleys of the Rocky Mountains. Holding them was like running your fingers over a cool smooth worry stone pulled from the bottom of a mountain stream.  The art work (by First Nation Artists Corinne Hunt) used on the pieces reflects the BC aesthetic, while the uniqueness of each medal (no two are alike) reflects Canada’s unique social fabric.Holding an Olympic Silver Medal.

The colour of the games also reflects today’s trendy colours; sea blue (i.e. Yosemite Blue 2059-40) and spring green (i.e. Rosemary Green 2029-30). We’ve seen these fresh colours used in fashion for the last few years and thus invading home design as well. For more ideas on how to incorporate these colours into your home, pick up Envision Colour 2010, Benjamin Moore’s annual colour forecast brochure from your local Benjamin Moore Store.IA_color_of_the_year_436x199

The other star colour of the games was red (i.e. Rapture CC-66), as our patriotic pride spilled into our wardrobes.  Although I feel that style-wise, Russia’s Athletic Apparel was more on trend than Canada’s 70′s/80′s hybrid track suits. The paisley pattern on the Russian jackets can be seen in the trendiest wallpaper and fabric patterns (for idea’s and examples check out Design by Colour: Red from Blue Mountain Wallcoverings).red

I think the best lesson we can learn from the design of the games is that inspiration for our homes can come from anywhere.

by Stacey Severs