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When in doubt, call an expert! A colour consultation could be the answer you’re looking for.

As a colour consultant for Benjamin Moore Southpointe I’d be glad to come by your house to help you select the perfect colour for your painting project. It’s more affordable than most expect and includes up to an hour and half of my time. During this time I will help you decide on a colour pallet for your whole home. Furthermore, I often have ample time to answer other decorating concerns you have such as ideas for window treatments, furniture placement or flooring options.
By being in your house I can evaluate your home’s unique lighting, flooring and furnishings. This gives me a personalized perspective on your style and design goals, from which we can work to find the best colour solutions to create your dream space.
As part of the experience I will create a full write up. You will get a portfolio you will be able to use as a reference guide so you can decorate on your own timeline and at your own pace.
Call or email me today to find out more, or to book your appointment.
Stacey Severs

What is the most popular renovation?

According to the seventh annual “RBC Renovation Poll” the two most popular planned renovations are bathrooms (38%) and exterior deck and yard (32%). Plans to renovate the basement in 2009 was in the works for 13% of those polled, however for 2011, 21% responded in favour of that reno. Females at 63% were most likely to identify with the need to renovate, however the spouse or partner is expected to do most of the work for 55% of those ladies. 31% of the people polled said they will do most of the work.

So what words of advice would I have on the poll? Bathrooms and exteriors are some of the areas with the most issues when it comes to coatings. Preparation is key here, and seldom are two situations exactly the same. There can be surface contaminant issues, environmental issues, and most importantly special preparation needed… so I recommend going to your local independent paint retailer, and asking the questions and getting the answers. The big advantage that us smaller independents will always have over big box stores is dedicated, local, expertise. Take for instance Southern Alberta. One of the biggest issues we face with deck coatings comes from the fact that we have Chinooks. Throughout any one winter season, how many freeze/thaw cycles do we incur? This is one of the factors that contributes to the degradation of your exterior coating. Has anyone ever seen mention of chinooks on the side of a paint can? Nope. Anyone ever explain how that can be hard on a deck coating for you at any of the big box stores? If you like come by the store, or give us a call and we will gladly explain how this effects your deck stain.

Smooth finish around doors and trim…

Ever wonder how to get that exceptionally smooth finish around your doors and trim when painting?

That is where I like to use the 3″ and 4″ roller cages, cut in with a brush and than roll behind a 1/4 inch away from the trim, and than when you roll the rest with the standard cage, you will see minimal brush strokes resulting in a much more profesional look.

Custom Colour Spray Paint

Just moved into a new house and found a whole bunch of left over trim paint? Or did you just complete a reno and are now wondering what to do with some of the left over paint? We have the perfect solution to that problem. You can bring the paint into the store and we can than load it into spray cans! By doing this you have now made it much easier to do touch-ups. Any colour of paint, any product , any sheen and we will turn it into an easily stored custom can of spray paint.

Recycled ECOCOAT

Sure we can make environmentally right choices right here, right now… but what about making responsible decisions for purchases made in the past?

Calibre Environmental, based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has now come up with a solution for one of those dilemmas… previously purchased paint.  By working hand in hand with municipal and provincial governments, the paint that gets turned into be recycled now finds it way into their hands. When previously purchased paint arrives at Calibre Environmental it than goes through an intensive inspection process prior to being re-blended into one of 14 colours. Each gallon of their recycled paint used, prevents 115 pounds of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Empty cans are than recycled as well. ECOCOAT is tested for safety and performance, and has consistently proven itself to be a viable premium paint. ECOCOAT is aggressively priced to give you a remarkable value for a remarkable price.

ECOCOAT might not necessarily be the only paint you need, it might only find itself used in your garages or laundry rooms, rental properties, etc, however by making the conscious choice to use ECOCOAT, you are helping the environment without sacrificing price or quality. We are proud to make this product available to you the consumer,  you the contractor, you the environmentally aware individual making a difference!

Check them out online at

Red Devil’s Create-a-Color Caulk Coloring System

So check this stuff out! Easily the most remarkable new thing to hit the caulking scene…Red Devil’s Create-a-Color Caulk Coloring System. Now you can come by SouthPointe Paint, Midnapore Paint, or Calgary South Decorating, and we can make you any colour of caulking you like. This product makes all your caulking jobs look better. We use the actual paint and inject it into the caulking, so the colour is almost exact. Great for flooring, windows, counters, and especially around baseboards. Stop by and ask one of our qualified staff about it.


Volatile Organic Compounds. It’s what was bad in paint. It is organic compounds added to the paint to help improve performance. When VOCs react with the air we breathe that was when problems were first noticed. Eye, nose, throat irritations, potential respiratory problems… thankfully the industry is improving their products… however…

Perhaps one of the things that annoys me the most is when I see paint advertised as Zero VOC’s but than when you look at the fine print, it states that the claim is for untinted paint. Who buys paint but doesn’t have it tinted? From this side of the counter I can certainly tell you it is a pretty rare occurrence. Even most whites have some tint added. Two products from Benjamin Moore DO NOT play that green-washing game… NATURA and ECOSPEC. Two great paints, that no matter what color you choose, what sheen you choose… ZERO VOC.

Thanks Benjamin Moore!

New From Benjamin Moore… Advance!

Advance2advance logoBenjamin Moores’ newest coating is something so advanced that the only possible name they could have given it, is ADVANCE.

 On first glance one would think this could not possibly be an Alkyd based paint… environmentally friendly, soap and water clean-up, quick dry times. But than when a person looks to the qualities and properties of the paint they find easy application, remarkable leveling properties with exceptional flow, unsurpassed adhesion qualities and a product that dries to a hard, durable surface enabling many years of worry free beauty.

 So what is Advance? Advance is truly an Alkyd, not a hybrid, says Carl Minchew, director of product development for Benjamin Moore. The key to the product is the mineral formulation as opposed to the previous industry standard of deriving the resins from petrochemicals. As a result of that innovation, Benjamin Moore developed an Alkyd mineral based product that can be tinted with its proprietary Gennex waterborne colourants, which are VOC-free, preserving the low-VOC content of the coating formulation regardless of the colour.

What this gives the consumer is another choice when it comes to durability. Traditionally alkyd paints were only used for trim, doors, cabinetry, furniture, etc. however with Advance, it is most likely to win favour as a wall finish, due to the available flat finish that will stand up to repeated washings with remarkable touch up qualities.

Advance is truly another giant leap forward in the coatings industry. Now available at your local Benjamin Moore!

What’s the most popular colour for?

People often ask me what the most popular beige is?  Or the most popular white? Or the most popular… well you get the idea.  Why do people want to know? Well firstly, we all want to feel like part of the in-crowd and knowing what’s popular allows us to do that.  However colour is a personal expression of style and most people realize that, so why do we still need to know what’s popular? When it comes to colour popular also means tried and true. The popular colours are popular for a reason..they work! Colour can be a tricky road to navigate, but if you start with an idea of what colours work best in most situations, like having a map, you’ll get safely to your final destination. 

So here is my list of the most popular colours:

White: Hands down Cloud White CC-40 (This colour out sells ALL other whites about 4 to 1)

Beige: Sandy Brown CC-150 and Stone House CC-120.  These colours have been my most popular recommendation for a neutral for the last 3 years in Calgary.

Taupe: Smoky Taupe CC-490.  This colour is increasing in popularity because of the new trend towards grey.

Somewhere between beige and taupe: Greenbrier Beige HC-79 and Bleeker Beige HC-80.  People often want something between beige (which has a high degree of yellow) and taupe (which can be too grey for some) and these two options are the perfect middle of the road colours.  For this reason these are the most popular wall colours found in newly built houses and show homes.

Red: Sundried Tomato CC-62.  This rich warm red is a classic choice for an accent colour or dining room.  This colour contains neutralizing grey which tones done the intensity and gives longevity to this colour selection.

Orange: Maple Syrup CC-420 and Greenfield Pumpkin HC-40. These oranges are not too bright and harmonize with most woods since they contain brown-undertones.

Yellow: Dijon CC-210 and Vellum CC-200. These yellows are neutralized with orange which allows the colours to maintain their warmth (in comparison yellows that are neutralized with black often have a greenish undertone).

Spring Green: Georgian Green HC-115 and Dill Pickle 2147-40. Bright and cheerful, spring green is the perfect way to accent a monochromatic room. These greens could also be used to create a fresh feeling in the bathroom.

Sage: Herbes De Provence CC-634. This colour is my most popular alternative to a traditional neutral (i.e. beige or taupe).  This colour will still behave as a neutral in that it will compliment most other colours in your decor, however it will also add some colour and personality to your walls.  Once you try this colour you’ll fall in love! I did!

Spa Blue: Smoky Green CC-700 and Wedgwood Gray HC-146. We are seeing a lot of spa inspired spaces being created in the home.  These two shades are the best choices to capture that watery spa feeling in your own private space.  These blues have grey and green undertones that keep them restful and interesting.

Brown: Whitall Brown HC-69, Davenport Tan HC-76. These browns are lighter than dark chocolate without the pink-undertones that can occur. I often see these colours used for an accent wall with beige or taupe. This keeps the overall scheme monochromatic while adding some emphasis and interest to the walls.

Grey: Ashley Gray HC-87, Boothbay Gray HC-165.  Grey is presently the trendy colour to use in your home, but these greys will stand the test of time.  Ashley Grey is warm and I see if often used as an accent like the popular browns.  Boothbay Gray is calm and cool and can be used in the same way as the popular spa-blues, especially in the master bedroom.

Kid’s Room Colour: Denim Wash CC-770 and Grasslands CC-590. Like a pair of old jeans that will go with any t-shirt, these colours will go with any kids theme wither its sports, cartoons or movie stars.

 Use these colours as a guide, come into Southpointe Benjamin Moore and pick up the colour chip for the colours your interested in and then explore what other colours are on that chip as well as what colours are on the chips next to the popular colour. Somewhere in that mix is the perfect colour for you!

-by Stacey Severs

Choosing a Colour for your Front Door

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression; and when it comes to your house your guest’s first impression will start with curb appeal.  Impress your guests with a bold colour statement that sets your door out from the body of the house, thus guiding and welcoming your guests into your home.

Try to think outside of the neutral colour box (i.e. brown, or black) and put something exciting on the door.  Remember,  you only have about 18 square feet to create a wow; it’s a small area that can have big impact.  Of course,  the colour you choose should relate to you’re homes overall colour pallet, but for extra impact,  think of choosing a complimentary colour (i.e. purple door with a yellow house, or an orange door with a blue house).

 Red is a classic colour choice for the entrance because it instantly grabs people’s attention. Try Dinner Party AF-300 or Sundried Tomato CC-62 on your door. An orange door would create the same impact as a red door while providing your home with something out of the ordinary. I suggest Rusty Nail CC-390, Buttered Yam AF-230 and Greenfield Pumpkin HC-40.

Colonial home with a front door painted Dinner Party AF-300.

Colonial home with a front door painted Dinner Party AF-300.

Green is another classic colour choice, but to add your own flair,  consider trendy colours like Miramachi CC-752 or Bonsai¯ CC-666.  Navy Blue is also returning to the  forefront of trends, and a colour like Van Deusen Blue HC-156 or Marine Blue 2059-10 will catch people’s attention.

 For something completely different,  consider painting your front door purple.  This will definetely  make your home standout on the block. Choose a purple with neutralizing black like Chambourd AF-646, Cabernet 2116-30 or Super Nova CC-990.

A Craftsman home with a bold purple door painted Chamboud AF-645.

Craftsman home with a bold purple door painted Chambourd AF-645.

If a neutral is still the best option for your home consider doing something slightly different than a pure tone, this way you can still create the impact desired for great curb appeal.  If you want a black door, consider choosing a soft black like Wrought Iron 2124-10 or one with blue undertones like Abyss 2128-20.  If brown is more your style try Chocolate Candy Brown 2107-10, Grizzly Bear Brown 2111-20 or Bittersweet Chocolate 2114-10.

 Whatever colour you choose, it’s sure to create the welcoming first impression you desire for you home.

-by Stacey Severs