Trendy Gray VS Trusted Beige

The biggest trend in colour is gray.  Gray is replacing beige as the main neutral colour being used in trendy homes. But I don’t think Canada is a gray kind of country. What’s wrong with beige?  We live in gray world throughout the winter; we need colours in our home that are warm and welcoming.  I don’t mind that neutrals are containing more gray-undertones.  A shift from Sandy Brown to Greenbrier Beige is a welcome change, but removing all the yellow-tones from our neutrals will make our homes too cold.  Builders like to use trendy gray colours in their show homes to appeal to the largest number of people (mostly by not offending  people with colour), but are they selling a house, not creating a HOME. Crisp clean minimalistic gray rooms look great on the magazine pages, but these rooms don’t make you feel like curling up on the sofa and getting comfortable.  So I caution you against going too far gray.  I don’t think that this is a colour trend that will last in Canada; we’re too cheerful for that! So don’t rule out beige, it’s warm, its classic, it’s neutral and it keeps our homes feeling bright and welcoming.

by Stacey Severs

A warm welcoming living room painted beige.

A warm welcoming living room painted beige.

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