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KOVRD 2 In 1 Dropcloth/Tray Cover

So check this out…

I have seen a good deal “handy-dandy-super-duper painting inventions” before, and  I really didn’t like a whole lot of them. This new combination paint tray bag/dropcloth is definately one I’m impressed with.

With the advent of Zero VOC and low VOC paints, what paint manufactures have done is removed the harmful solvents that were used to give paint more open time. This has been a benefit (quicker re-coat times,) however it has also caused some issues with the product simply drying to fast. What a lot of painters have been doing, is to take an old terry cloth towel, dampen it, and lay it over top of the tray. Although very effective, it has proven to be potentially very messy. Along comes KOVRD with their latest patent pending invention…

Now that is a great idea, Thank you KOVRD!

Natural Bristle Brushes

Everyone always says “Bristle Brushes are the best!” It is 100% true… if you’re using oil/alkyd paint or lacquer. Most of the paint sold nowadays is water based simply because of environmental regulations (and is generally a technologically superior coating, in my opinion.) Natural bristle brushes, are generally made with hair snipped from chinese hogs, sometimes badgers, sometimes oxen. The porous nature of natural hair absorbs too much moisture to be used effectively with water based paints. What happens is that after a few strokes the bristles start to swell up and it becomes increasingly harder to get the paint to flow properly off the brush.This is why we always suggest you use man-made filaments for water base products.

Smooth finish around doors and trim…

Ever wonder how to get that exceptionally smooth finish around your doors and trim when painting?

That is where I like to use the 3″ and 4″ roller cages, cut in with a brush and than roll behind a 1/4 inch away from the trim, and than when you roll the rest with the standard cage, you will see minimal brush strokes resulting in a much more profesional look.

Custom Colour Spray Paint

Just moved into a new house and found a whole bunch of left over trim paint? Or did you just complete a reno and are now wondering what to do with some of the left over paint? We have the perfect solution to that problem. You can bring the paint into the store and we can than load it into spray cans! By doing this you have now made it much easier to do touch-ups. Any colour of paint, any product , any sheen and we will turn it into an easily stored custom can of spray paint.

Recycled ECOCOAT

Sure we can make environmentally right choices right here, right now… but what about making responsible decisions for purchases made in the past?

Calibre Environmental, based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has now come up with a solution for one of those dilemmas… previously purchased paint.  By working hand in hand with municipal and provincial governments, the paint that gets turned into be recycled now finds it way into their hands. When previously purchased paint arrives at Calibre Environmental it than goes through an intensive inspection process prior to being re-blended into one of 14 colours. Each gallon of their recycled paint used, prevents 115 pounds of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Empty cans are than recycled as well. ECOCOAT is tested for safety and performance, and has consistently proven itself to be a viable premium paint. ECOCOAT is aggressively priced to give you a remarkable value for a remarkable price.

ECOCOAT might not necessarily be the only paint you need, it might only find itself used in your garages or laundry rooms, rental properties, etc, however by making the conscious choice to use ECOCOAT, you are helping the environment without sacrificing price or quality. We are proud to make this product available to you the consumer,  you the contractor, you the environmentally aware individual making a difference!

Check them out online at

Red Devil’s Create-a-Color Caulk Coloring System

So check this stuff out! Easily the most remarkable new thing to hit the caulking scene…Red Devil’s Create-a-Color Caulk Coloring System. Now you can come by SouthPointe Paint, Midnapore Paint, or Calgary South Decorating, and we can make you any colour of caulking you like. This product makes all your caulking jobs look better. We use the actual paint and inject it into the caulking, so the colour is almost exact. Great for flooring, windows, counters, and especially around baseboards. Stop by and ask one of our qualified staff about it.


Volatile Organic Compounds. It’s what was bad in paint. It is organic compounds added to the paint to help improve performance. When VOCs react with the air we breathe that was when problems were first noticed. Eye, nose, throat irritations, potential respiratory problems… thankfully the industry is improving their products… however…

Perhaps one of the things that annoys me the most is when I see paint advertised as Zero VOC’s but than when you look at the fine print, it states that the claim is for untinted paint. Who buys paint but doesn’t have it tinted? From this side of the counter I can certainly tell you it is a pretty rare occurrence. Even most whites have some tint added. Two products from Benjamin Moore DO NOT play that green-washing game… NATURA and ECOSPEC. Two great paints, that no matter what color you choose, what sheen you choose… ZERO VOC.

Thanks Benjamin Moore!